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COVID-19 Policy

Updates / Revisions

8/15 -

  • Final Policies Document posted at bottom of page  
  • Screening Section added (details on questions for a player prior to coming and coaches when a player comes to practice or game)
  • Definition of Close Contact Exposure section added.

8/14 - Page Created

General Policy:

The 2020 Football Season will be subject to the NFHS and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.  The additional clarifications provided by both the North Suburban Football League as well as the Twin City North Youth Football League will be used as the implementation of those guidelines.

Guidelines written here are a summary of the official policy attached at the bottom of this page.  In addition, the link to the MDH COVID-19 guidance for youth sports is at the bottom of this page.

Any individual who tests positive or has been exposed to a person who tests positive must not particpate in any in-person league activities, whether as player, coach, director, official, or spectator for a minimum of fourteen (14) days.

Any community/organization that is found to have deliberately and materially violated
League guidelines will have its teams removed from game competition for the remainder
of the season.

For non-deliberate violations MVYFA will follow the following procedures that will apply to Coaches and/or Spectators

1st Offense Re-education to the policies and procedures
2nd Offense Removal from any MVYFA events.



Waiver and Communication to Parents/Guardians A legal guardian of every player must sign the COVID-19 Waiver Tracking will be done via the SportsEngine registration process.
COVID-19 Communication Director Todd Sampson and Alex Sandeno All instances of COVID infection must communicated to Todd or Alex, so we can report to the MDH and the League Director
Team COVID-19 Coordinator Each team will have a person responsible for administrating the pre-game/pre-practice screening Temperature and Symptoms will be tracked and logged for each practice and game.

Practice Scheduling Restrictions


A representative of the team will be required to perform the COVID pre-practice screening.

Do NOT have your kid come to the practice field until the COVID screening representative has started and do NOT  leave your child until the player is eligible to practice

Post-Practice Please stay away from the practice field and set up a location for your child to see you and come to you for pick up.  At any time you need to come to the field to find your child, a mask will be required.
Week One

Organized team practices without full pads.  Helmets progressing to helmets and shoulder pads. 

Week Two, Three, and Four Practices may include full pads and a maximum of contact 2 times per week.  No more then 5 total events (practice + games) per week
Week Five and Thereafter Practice may include full pads and a maximum of contact 2 times per week.   No more than 4 total events (practice + games) per week.  For example.  If a team has games 2 times that week both practices will be NO contact.


NOTE: All practices will follow the cycle of encouraging as much distancing as possible.   NOTE: The example is to give you an idea as the coaches are responsible for the cycle of close for 15 minutes and then space for 15 minutes.

Example: Drill 1: 15 minutes - Formations/Alignments (players will be in close contact)

Drill 2: 15 minutes - Technique (players will be spaced out)

Drill 3: 15 minutes - Play installation (players will be in close contact)

Drill 4: 15 minutes - Individual skill (players will be spaced out)

.... repeat ...  

Practice and Game Screening and Safety


All players who attend a practice or game must be screened before participating in the practice or game.   Please see Screening section for more details

Masks All coaches, assistants and sideline personnel are required to wear masks.  Masks are defined as face masks, shields, or any similar protective device.  Masks must be worn during all practice and games.  NOTE: Players are NOT required to wear masks.
Spectators Spectators are required to stay a reasonable distance from players.  MVYFA recommends not staying for practice.

All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned before and after practice.

Pants / Jerseys should be washed and disinfected between practices

NO SHARING water bottles or other drinks

Pre-Game Screening Coaches will be required to certify to the officials that all participants have been screened and to their knowledge, no infected players or players exhibiting COVID symptoms are participating.




  1. Have you had a temperature greater than 100.4 within the last 7 days?
  2. Have you had any muscle aches or soreness not associated with exercise within the last 7 days?
  3.  Have you had any shortness of breath within the last 7 days?
  4. Have you had any new or unusual cough, within the last 7?
  5. Has any family member or close contact has been infected with COVID-19?

Physical Test: Distant Thermometer with reading of less than 100.4.

Game Guidelines

 All more restrictive rules provide by local community/city will overrule the below guidelines.  EX Mandatory masks vs Recommended masks.

Restraining Line A 10 foot restraining line between teams and spectators will be established and enforced
Spectator seating

Spectators should be dispersed along the sidelines. 

When not at a HS stadium, Spectators CANNOT sit from the 30 yard line to the 30 yard line.  Seating is from the 30 yard and can wrap around to the end zone.

Spectators should wear masks (recommended) and maintain six feet distance (required).  MVYFA recommends masks especially for non-stadium fields as viewing spots will be limited.

ALL local field regulations/restrictions must be followed.

Outdoor Gathering limit Maximum gathering of 250 spectators at an invent will be enforced.  Therefore up to 4 spectators are allowed at the game for each participant.
Warm up Teams will be required to warm up as far from the field as possible.
Game Transition Once the teams finish playing the next teams and spectators will stay away from the field until the previous teams and spectators have vacated.
Masks All coaches and sideline personnel are required to wear masks from the time warm-ups begin until their team has left the game site.  This includes the chain gang.  
Game balls Game balls should be disinfected before the game, at halftime and after the game
Post Game "handshake" Teams are encouraged to develop alternative post-game sportsmanship.


Reporting and Handling Infections

Removal of Player/Team

When a player, coach, or sideline personnel has been infected or directly exposed to an infected person, the COVID control director will

1. Remove the infected person from his team for a min of 14 days.

2. Remove any team who had contact wit the infected person for a min of 14 days

Reporting COVID director will notify the League Director, the Minnesota Department of Health and the other community / organization's COVID director.
Schedule Adjustments If multiple infections on a team will keep a team from playing the COVID director will inform the League Director so schedule adjustments, if possible, can be made.


Close Contact and Exposure

Close Contact and Exposure – close contact and/or exposure means any one of the following:

  • Caring for a sick person with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection; or
  • Living in the same household as an individual with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection; or
  • An individual who has had close contact (less than 6 feet) for greater than or equal to 15 cumulative minutes with a person with known or suspected COVID-19 or possible COVID-19 infection.

In the cases of the first two bullets above, the League should consider the quarantine/self-isolation “automatic”.

In the case of the third bullet above, the quarantine/self-isolation decision will be made by the League Director after consultation with MDH and the community COVID control director of the individual involved.