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3rd & 4th Grade

Metro East Youth Football: Tacklbar Division

Teams will play in the Metro East Youth Football League TackleBar Division against teams including but not limited to Cottage Grove, East Ridge, Roseville and Irondale.  Teams are made up of a league defined minimum number of players, with the format being nine-man football.  Most games will be played on Saturday mornings or afternoons with approximately two weeknight games.  Each team will play eight regular season games ending middle to late October.  Please see Metro East Youth Football league,, for more details.

Rules Summary: 

  1. Game = 56 plays. (14 plays = 1 Qtr.). 
  2. Scoring Touchdown= 6 Points, Extra Points 1 point = from 3 yard line (Run or Pass) 2 points = from 6 yard line. (Run or Pass). No placekicking.
  3. Playing field dimensions must be 80 yards by 40 yards.
  4. One coach is allowed on field, in huddle- all season.
  5. Kickoffs but No Onside Kicks.
  6. Blue Stripe Players - Do not exist

Football Size: PeeWee

Blue Stripe Weight: Due to the league utilizing TackleBar there will be no need to limit positions by weight.

3rd grade teams are formed by MVYFA, with every attempt made to balance teams by player size, and to group teams by school and neighborhood. 

4th grade teams are formed by draft, with every attempt made to balance teams.