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5th & 6th Grade

Metro East Youth Football League

Mounds View's 5th and 6th grade teams play in the MEYFL.  This league is made up of teams from over ten different communities, including East Ridge, Woodbury, Stillwater and Roseville.  


5th and 6th Grade Divisions

There will be an 8 game season stretching from late August and ending around MEA.  There will be at least 2 week night games.  Teams play eleven-man football.  Teams are formed by equitable draft as required by the MEYFL rules.

  1. Game– Consists of four 15-minute running time quarters.  ONLY The last 2 minutes of the 2nd & 4th quarter are stop-time.
  2. Scoring: Touchdown= 6 Points, Extra Points :1 point = from 3 yard line (Run or Pass), * 2 points = from 6 yard line. (Run or Pass) 2 point = Extra point via place kicking. There are no restrictions on “blue stripers” on extra point attempts, anyone can play anywhere on offense and defense and all players can run/pass/catch the ball regardless of weight.
  3. Playing field dimensions must be a regulation 100 yard field.  
  4. Kickoffs will be from the kicking teams 40 yard line and must have 5 players on each side of the kicker. Onside kicks are allowed.

Football Size: Youth

Blue Stripe Weight: 5th Grade 120 lbs / 6th Grade 130 lbs