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7th and 8th Grade

North Suburban Football League

Mounds View's 7th and 8th Grade(and 7th/8th combined Limited)  teams will participate in the North Suburban Football League.  This league features teams from over 40 associations all across the northern suburbs.   The teams include but are not limited to our Suburban East Conference members:  East Ridge, White Bear Lake, Park (Cottage Grove), Roseville, Forest Lake, Stillwater and Woodbury.   

Games are played by high school rules with the exception being the clock.  10-minute, stop time quarters are used.  There are no offense or defensive restrictions  of any kind in these leagues.

The North Suburban Football League is a multiple division league that includes a "unlimited weight" and a "limited weight" division.  

The "unlimited weight" league  has no minimum or a maximum weight limit in their open league.  There is no restriction on who can carry the ball.   The divisions are 7th Grade Unlimited and 8th Grade Unlimited.

The "limited weight" league is a league where no players is over 130 pounds.  (NOTE: this is at time of weigh in not the time of the game).   The divisions are 7th Grade Weight Limit, 8th Grade Weight Limit, and Mixed Grade Weight Limit (both 7th and 8th graders).

Mounds View prioritizes creating teams first for the "unlimited weight" league.  Each year, assuming that the North Suburban Football League still offers the "limited weight" division, Mounds View football will offer this option at sign up.  If an adequate number of players express the desire to play in this division, and this can be accommodated without sacrificing the ability to form teams in the "unlimited weight" division, Mounds View Youth Football will create a team for the "limited weight" division.  

We reserve the right to limit the number of players participating in the "limited weight" division to ensure we have enough to field a 7th grade and 8th grade unlimited weight team.  Remember, a limited weight player can always play with the regular weight team, but a player that is over the weight limit cannot play in the limited weight.

Please see below for more details on the rules of the league.