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Frequent Questions Asked

Frequent Questions Asked to MVYFB

We have received several common questions through the years - here are some answers that we have provided that may assist you in your questions.

1) How are the registration funds spent?  Most of the revenue we collect is used to pay for four items - league membership fees, field reservations, officials, and equipment updates.  

2) What do you do to avoid conflicts with hockey and basketball tryouts?  We always try to obtain the tryout dates and we submit them to the league and ask them to avoid the schedules the best they can.  Basketball tryouts usually are held on Saturday and Sunday, and most of our teams don't play on Sunday, except for a night game.  That means we only have to try and schedule around one day, a Saturday.  We may have a game on the same day but can usually have the game take place later in the day that tryouts are held.  Hockey is more difficult.  Hockey tryouts usually last a minimum of 4 days, including tryouts on days that have been traditional football game days such as Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday.  Each year, we are sent an email asking us to avoid 9 days for the varied grades.  The league has over 20 communities, and we are always subject to field availability and fields that have lights, so we can only do what we can do.  We will always make efforts to avoid these dates, but it is very difficult to promise every grade there will be no hockey tryout conflict.

3) Team X from (insert opponent here) fields an All-Star Team!  They stack their teams!  This is a common concern we hear every year.  This is not accurate.  The league does not allow stacked or All-Star teams.  Most teams form through the draft, almost identical to us.  Remember, before we accuse a neighboring community of making an unfair, stacked team, we also have competitive teams, and frequently have dominant teams that were created by drafting players.  So before we single out an opponent, we must remember that having a dominant team is a cycle that all communities experience and we have received the same complaint against us.   It is also common that the community that does have a dominant team may also have several struggling teams within the same grade, so it is a natural cycle for all communities.

4)  I really like Coach (insert name) or don't like Coach (insert name).  How can I guarantee I am on a specific team?   While we understand that each child or parent may have a specific team they want to play for, we cannot guarantee placement on a team.  We draft to create fair and balanced teams.  You may express your team concerns on our end of the year survey, or may document the concerns on your registration, and we will have that feedback available for the coaches on their draft availability lists.  However, each coach is allowed to draft freely to create what they believe will create a fair and balanced team.

5)  How are teams formed?  Please refer to the tab "League Information" and access the grade level you are interested in.

6)  What are the league rules?  Please refer to Metro East Youth Football League or the North Suburban Youth Football League. The rules for 3-4th grade, 5-6th grade and 7-8th grade are posted, as are the Minnesota State High School League rulebook.