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Metro East Youth Football League (3rd - 6th)

The Intent and spirit of MEYFL is to simulate and to teach the basic fundamentals needed to play the game of football. MEYFL is not intended to supersede the community organization programs, but to create a unified and agreeable format for teams from various member communities’ youth to play football. We do have a number of basic rules that must be adhered to. Individual organizations may have more specific/detailed rules, however, those rules may not specifically apply to other communities.


TackleBar Football is a safer approach to the game that preserves the tradition and spirit of the sport. Players wear traditional football equipment, plus a TackleBar harness that holds two foam bars across the lower back. The defender must track and engage with proper form tackling technique while wrapping the ball carrier and ripping a bar from the harness. With this approach, players stay on their feet rather than taking the ball carrier to the ground.

Acceleration North YOUTH web site

Acceleration North is offering speed and agility development camps to all Mounds View youth football players and teams. Ask for the Mounds View Youth Football discount.

Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program

Coaches and parents; Educate yourself on what to do when you have a player with asthma - diagnosed or undiagnosed.